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"Step Up" is a film that does not require too much from the viewer, this is typically the production of entertainment, geared to the large audience and a large audience for a concert. Top watching a movie with a large audience in a cinema, in these giant multiplexes. It is in Step Up is the most important music, the music combined with dance playing the main violin. The history presented by Anne Fletcher, formerly an actress in such films as "Scream 2," "Titanic," "A Walk to Remember" and most recently "Pacyfikatorze." In two of these films she played a dancer so director, train to do such a film was huge. Moreover, it is an excellent choreographer. One of the great choreographers to work on the film just told Anne: "I worked with Anne since the early 90s when I started to make films, she took over my choreography career and flourished artistically.
She always had excellent agreement with the actors, was full of passion and commitment, and above all understand what good storytelling. "This is the story of a very emotional, very acquirer. Watching the movie, assuming that we like to dance, the music and romantic story movie will like.
I was afraid of what you are before going to the cinema is the banality of the content of what I see on the screen.
The scenario may not be the best, if not the most original but it is the most important. Although it is presented in a very important content that contrary to appearances, you can catch. Apart from the romantic issues.
I liked just the clash of the boy, who might in part on your request is life as we have, ie. From the poor neighborhoods of Baltimore and the girl, which of these districts has nothing to do. Tyler and Nora get to know by chance like this in this kind of stories sometimes. Tyler because he roams neighborhoods, "podprowadzając" cars to the guy who their "needs". He is doing it with two funny brothers. There is seemingly no values, dance, music, events and basketball is only what he cares about.
Well, of course, a friendship that is tested is also everything this guy has. About the character of Tyler producer he says: "This character is very complex - explains Feig. We knew no mean feat will be to find a boyfriend that will meet our expectations: the charismatic, but torn by conflict, hard, but excitation sympathy rough, but romantic, non-trained but a great dancer. "About enactors role of Tyler (Channing Tatum), a producer speaks thus:" as soon as we saw him, we knew it was going to be our Tyler - says Feig. Then I saw him dancing - it just flowed. Finding him was a moment real excitement. " Tatum immediately came in already in the role: "I do not stworzyłbym better character than the character Tyler outlined in the scenario. This carefree boy who loves to dance and have fun, but it also has a tendency to self-destruct. I think all the boys at this age are a little crazy and destructive. this is being a teenager. mischief and learn from mistakes. Fortunately, at the time when it lands among kids with big ambitions, something in Tyler wakes up.
Falls in love with Nora and opens to the world. "However, Nora (Jenna Dewan) is a person very ambitious, knows what he wants and what he wants. Do not waste time spinning the streets, only firmly committed to advance her goals. She teaches in an elite school dance, where the main emphasis is the development of this deck's skills. it prepares to present, on which its future depends. "it was a real revelation - says Feig. We knew that it must be a girl, which immediately attract the attention of Tyler, which appears in the thresholds of the Academy with a bucket and a mop and bursting with hatred for everyone. He will want to impress her, pick her.
Jenna had these extraordinary qualities. "Dewan was also fascinated by the story:" I like that the film tells the story of two worlds, and that they meet two young people who teach each other something. Tyler and Nora get to know and build their feelings in a unique way. Tyler had a hard life and can no longer want anything, because everything has just lost. Getting to know Nora sees a person who fights for the realization of their goals. It also kindles his aspirations, to identify and try to achieve some purpose in life. He in turn taught Nora greater slack, forgive yourself some cases, getting rid of excessive rigidity. He shows her what real love is. "What besides dance combines these two? Both seek to understand what they do.
We must fight... to run away
As you get to know the characters, we see that despite the social status are very similar to the characters themselves.
They get to know at the moment how Tyler has to work off the damage to the school where Nora taught what he did with his buddies. Only he was caught. He immediately formed a bond between them, the injury will partner Nora, that they start with