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Destination weddings are becoming quite popular today and couples are constantly looking out for picturesque and scenic backdrops to get married. In this wish list, Goa tops the list.There are many holiday homes and five-star hotels in Goa which offer unique venues to organize your big day and its functions. · Natural Beauty - The minute you say ‘Goa’, one can picture beautiful stretches of golden sand complimented by shimmering water and natural waterfalls. The sun-kissed beaches are undoubtedly a great choice for a holiday but couples can also spend lazy and leisurely moments and take their vows in this blissful haven. · Seasons - Situated along the coast, Goa is blessed with enjoyable climate.

You can plan a wedding during any season and you can be assured that your day will culminate in the best possible way. Though the chilling months from October to February are the usual favourites, the monsoons can be quite alluring as well with its special offers and discounts. · Heritage - Goa draws inspiration from the Portuguese and the French although modern India has been inspired by the British. The architecture and gothic designs of the churches in Goa represent royalty and magnificence which are ideal for couples to tie the knot. These churches reflect an old world charm which enchants one and all.

· Beach Bonds - You can also get married on the pristine beaches of Goa but permissions would be required which you need not worry about as there are wedding planners to assist you with all your needs. Beach weddings are unique and definitely worth the experience. · Stay - Goa is broadly divided into North and South Goa. The former is more crowded and is packed with boutique hotels. The latter is less populated and is home to luxurious hotels and beachside venues. There are many couples however who prefer the North so don’t hesitate to book your favourite hotel Goa in North and make your wedding memorable.

· Entertainment - The Goans are fun-loving; they love to sing, dance and there is a spirit of merriment that is seen everywhere. The song and dance sessions will blend well with your wedding festivities and you can be assured that there won’t be a single moment of gloom. · Delicacies - Goa is a paradise for seafood lovers and if you want to treat your guests with delicious seafood, then Goa is just perfect for you. From beach shacks to luxury hotels, there are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to seafood. · Transport - Though transport in Goa is a bit on the costlier side, it is affordable. Although AC taxis of hotels charge exorbitant prices, you do have a choice to rent a car or a bike if you wish to experience the joy of taking over the driver’s seat. · Props - Since Goa is a popular wedding destination you will easily find props like Dandiya sticks, Shehnai, Dhols, Horses etc. which enhance the madness of Hindu marriage ceremonies. Goa is indeed a dream place to get married. If you are interested in getting hitched here, then decide and choose wisely especially your stay in 5-star hotels in North Goa or South Goa.

Also, you can try practicing yoga at one of the local centres. You can give yourself a soothing treat by relaxing with a yoga massage with Ayurveda products. At goa beaches , the famous Arabian night are a must watch. Anjuna Beach in Goa is a perfect paradise for beach lovers. Situated just in the west of Mapusa town, this beach is blessed with an array of red laterite rocks. It is beautifully embellished with picturesque sceneries and so the place is reckoned among the hottest tourist destination of India. The credible palms and rocky crescent give great pleasure to be at Anjuna Beach.

It’s distinguished due to the formation of unusual rock placed on a small inlet of white sand and black rock protruding into the sea. Anjuna is famous for its picturesque views and aesthetics, thus, you can visit the nearby Alberque fort or the Chapora fort. Also, if you are an adventure freak, you can go for paragliding and treasure hunting. If you visit Anjuna beach on Wednesdays, you can also street shop at the local flea market. If you are a solitary person and do not enjoy noise, then this beach is the place for you. Agonda beach offers you a quiet place to meditate and enjoy the company of the nature.

The beach is not recommended for swimming, but it is a great destination to calm your mind and enjoy the sunset drinking a favourite local beverage. Butterfly beach is a petit beach which lies near the Palolem Beach, South Goa. It gets its name from the white sands and translucent waters. It lies behind a heavily thick forest and hence forms a perfect combination of green, blue and white. Not many people know about this place but those who have visited cannot stop praising its beauty.The beauty of this beach makes it a paradise. It takes you into the arms of calmness and gives you a blissful experience.The clear sky above and the semi-circle shaped landscape makes it one of the most photogenic beach paradises in the world. If you want a revitalizing beach experience, then Vagator beach is the place for you.

The place offers a serene environment with the sun set view which is spectacular. This place is a must visit for honeymooners and couples who wish to spend quality time with each other. This beach is donned with the huge palm and coconut trees. The beach has both rocky and sandy surface, so you can either sit onthe rocks or play in the sand. There are two fresh water springs and a high cliff, where you can click a lot of pictures and enjoy the view. There are also a lot of water sports near the Vagator beach like kayaking, rafting, banana boats, etc. Travellers also have the option of trekking the Chapora fort and view the Morijim beach. Swimming is not advised here.

Goa is a state in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. Its long history as a Portuguese colony prior to 1961 is evident in its preserved 17th-century churches and the area’s tropical spice plantations. Goa is also known for its beaches, ranging from popular stretches at Baga and Palolem to those in laid-back fishing villages such as Agonda. Plan your remarkable wedding in Goa? Goa is famous for Blue skies, beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and palm-lined landscapes. That’s why it attract to couple for wedding. Goa is a unique destination in India because of the Portuguese influence, which has infiltrated many aspects of the culture - including the food!

The proximity to the Arabian Ocean also informs the menu. As a destination wedding planner who specializes in weddings in Goa, I may be biased towards this Indian state. However, in my opinion, few places in the world have a landscape as unusual as Goa. Think amazing sunsets, a relaxed island vibe and lively celebrations with a distinctly Goan flair—full of food, music and dancing! Having a Destination Wedding in Goa is both memorable and romantic. Any mention of destination weddings in India or even Asia, is incomplete without taking Goa into consideration. Goa is one of the foremost beach wedding Destination.

For couples partial towards beach wedding, Goa plays an amiable host with beaches spread all over the state. And thereby comes, the inevitable question of choosing between North Goa and South Goa. North Goa is apparently touristy with crowded beaches and market areas, dotted with pubs and bars; there’s never a dull moment here. While South Goa is more laid back and the beaches are relatively cleaner and secluded. The major luxurious hotels. Getting married in Goa is such an exquisite experience, and Memorable Indian Wedding. We would be delirious with joy to plan your big day here; wear the straw hats and be your much needed Goa Wedding Planner.

Are you looking for cost of hosting a Wedding in Goa? Did you know this is being searched by atleast 500 other couples every month who have just thought of planning a wedding in Goa but want to keep start point as the cost associated. From the bride: I loved planning every detail of our wedding. We wanted it to be a beach wedding and Goa was the ideal location for us - it was where we went for our first holiday together and also got engaged. We started by hunting for a perfect location for our wedding which also would fit in to our budget. Holiday Inn was perfect in every aspect - it had an uninterrupted view of the beach and the lawns were perfect to host the wedding. Also, the staff and the management was very professional and managed all the events flawlessly. Every guest at the wedding raved about the food at all our events. Alok Alawat is a Big Events Planner and a Particular Author working with Wedding Planners in Udaipur. I love to spend some time studying about the most Goa Wedding trends news. Goa is Popular for Beach and latest trends now Beach Wedding Planner in Goa.

So, coming back to Delhi and its “poor” citizens. What is happening to them, what should happen to them , their power, water availability & quality ? Their medical bills ? ’s school quality & bills? Well, they say, public memory is very short, I am not sure it is, is it so or their selfishness makes them forget it ? 1. Once upon a time, Delhi was ruled by party of Mr. Modi, yes the BJP- Flashback 1998. All Indian and including Delhi citizens faced shortage of basic staple food onion. What did BJP MLA and leader do ? BJP feigned indifference to citizens with the diktat that “poor should give up onion” Delhi chief resigns over onion crisis .

Fast forward 2013, so called peaceful progressive, non confrontational administrator Sheila faced same onion crisis happening in India, what did she do, make a request and wait for market stabilization. Onion prices remain high at Rs 100/kg; crisis to continue and what did brothers of BJP did to Govt of Congress they launched stir BJP blames Delhi Govt. Further fast forward 2015 , AAP govt faces the same issue for its citizens happening all across India. India faces onion crisis, wholesale price touches Rs 50 per kg, failed Monsoon may push prices further up What they should have done according to you to be voted equal to Modi/Soniya Gandhi ?

These politicians decided that it is time to act, and decided to open cheaper than market sales for people. Kejriwal Government Makes Onion Cheaper, Delhi Buys 30,000 Kilograms in a Day . So, when across all India prices were above Rs 60/kg, AAP politicians arranged onion at Rs 30-40/kg. How can they be allowed to do this ? If Modi’s CMs didnt/couldnt do this , if Soniya’s CM didnt/couldnt do this , how can politicians of Kejriwal dare do this ? So what must “ System” do to teach them a lesson ? System must discredit Kejriwal work, How ?

“System” decides that it will create a scam, raise a blame on Kejriwal for fraud of charging high prices of Rs 30 /kg when market price was Rs 60/kg or more. System uses a mole of Modi to file a RTI on Onion procurement by Kejriwal. Mole gets information on what was price of purchase from town called Nashik ( located 000s of kM away from Delhi). Mole decides that sale price is greater than purchase price paid to Nashik buy. Modi thought lets spare kejriwal scam ? No, it was and is used where it aimed for, lets claim that no one can do better than Modi and Soniya Gandhi. RTI has revealed that AAP Govt in Delhi indulged in corruption? Why hasnt Kejriwal resigned till now? I am not sure what Delhi resident readers will say about it,soon we will see proof of it in forthcoming MCD elections of Delhi.

Both Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty that has dominated Indian politics since independence, have campaigned hard in Karnataka, a state of 66 million people with diverse constituencies. The Hindu nationalist BJP and its allies hold power in 22 of India's 29 states, but after Karnataka, three more state elections are due to take place by the end of the year. Votes will be counted on Monday and exit polls and other surveys have often been wrong in India. Political parties said it was too quick to call the election result. State capital Bengaluru is regarded as the home of India's "Silicon Valley", while voters in farming and mining areas have very different priorities from urban dwellers. 15 billion, which would increase the fiscal burden of those states over the medium term. Voters elected Modi in 2014 on his promise of reforms that could unlock growth in the economy, but there has been disquiet over his stance toward India's non-Hindu minorities, and the pain resulting from some of the economic steps taken. The implementation of a new national Goods and Services Tax (GST) last July, was beset with problems, hurting small businesses and hitting economic growth.

Some states on Friday demanded stimulus to boost the economy, even if it led to a higher fiscal deficit in the full Budget for 2019-20 than 3.4 per cent pegged in the interim Budget. State finance ministers met Union Finance Minister (FM) Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday. They also raised some issues specific to their states. Sitharaman exhorted the states to work together with the Centre, stating that while the Union government sets the direction of economic growth, it is for the states to ensure effective implementation on the ground. Kerala FM Thomas Isaac said, “Achieving fiscal deficit targets is not an end in itself. “The economic slowdown and savings-investment collapse point to the need for an expansionary fiscal policy in the Indian context, where the Centre should stimulate demand, even by breaching its fiscal and revenue deficit targets,” Isaac said.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia demanded the state’s share of Rs 6,000 crore from central taxes, adding that it has been getting only Rs 325 crore for the past 18 years. Sisodia also holds finance portfolio in the Arvind Kejriwal government. He demanded the creation of a separate fund for the municipal corporations of the national capital on the lines of other civic bodies. Asserting that goals cannot be achieved unless states and the Centre work together, Sitharaman sought their cooperation. The Centre has the responsibility of setting the direction of the economic growth while it’s the responsibility of the states to implement in the field,” Sitharaman said. In a series of tweets, the finance ministry said Sitharaman sought the cooperation of all the states and union territories in achieving the aspirations of the people and extended full cooperation from her side in achieving the desired goals. The share of states in tax devolution has increased from 32 per cent under 13th Finance Commission to 42 per cent in 14th Finance Commission during the first term of the present government. Chhatisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel sought to increase in the PM Kisaan scheme allocation. He also sought more allocation for roads construction in areas affected by Naxalite activity. Goa CM Pramod Sawant sought faster land acquisition for the MOPA airport. He also sought relief for mining and tourism sectors.

Goa is one of those places that you can visit anytime of the year. While off-season is a good option for budget travelers, Goa during the peak season is the place to be! We have more than one reason why you should visit Goa during the peak months, especially in December! We’ve listed them down for you! Goa, the most sought after beach destination in India becomes bustling in December as this month has so many things to offer for tourists so it receives maximum footfall from all over the world. Not only backpackers, but also honeymooners and families go to Goa in December.