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What is the story in which intentions and consequences of the main characters are bad? How does a world without fair and good character? Is ruthlessness and wickedness can resist evil? Which side will then be wronged? We know this.

Such a world presented Clint Eastwood in "Dirty Harry" and Charles Bronson in "death wishes". However, when and where started the fashion for the good of negative heroes? In 1974. From comic. From "The Punisher."

Frank Castle was retired agent of special tasks. Unfortunately for him during the last action killed the son of a gangster Howard Saint. It is not difficult to guess that revenge is being prepared. Castle had killed himself, but Saint's wife demanded that killed his entire family. So it happened. However, not until the end of the plan worked.

Castle survived. However, he was stripped of everything that lived ... lost love, dreams, the meaning of existence ... all the good that it once existed ... What's left? The desire for revenge? No, it will not be revenge, it will be punishment ... "The Punisher" is a faithful adaptation (with the original discrepancies were minimized, as opposed to the first adaptation in 1989) very specific comic book of the same title. Grand Slam Tournament to start the year! Frank Castle, in contrast to many of his "peers" from other comic book series, not jumping across rooftops in a leotard, no lasers in the eyes, cobwebs in the wrist, or any other supernatural powers. Its sole purpose is to destroy the life of Howard Saint, and at the end of killing him. Frank does not count longer together. The prospect of death is for him as good as to beat your opponent. The film focuses almost exclusively on the main character, so the viewer during the projection practically does not experience any positive feelings. Genotyp i duchy thriller This fact makes for a more sensitive receiver, watching the entire film may be by way of passion. As a child I read albums with Frank Castle's adventures before the show and I had a specific vision of the hero and the present climate of the whole movie. I really was by the creators of the film pleasantly surprised! The film is very atmospheric and really captures the spirit of the story. The very beginning of the title and the names are very specific retail locations established, comic-style.

"The Punisher" also preserved a comic ...


Yes, this movie is cheesy, the dialogue is predictable and one dimensional characters (except some "deeper" Frank). They are not absolutely arguments in the "minus".

Simply, seeing the simplicity of form, ease of communication, one has the impression that the card again, turning the pages well-known stories (in the end is the domain of comic kitsch).

Structural axis of the film is the administration of justice Punisher (broadly defined term) on their own.

While the driving force of history become another brutal fight scenes, chases, death ... "The Punisher" is primarily an action film. It has no time for psychology and spinning reflection about the nature of pain, or melodramatic mourning the loss of the family (although alcohol in the new life of Frank is missing). The film is a succession of brutal fighting, murder and the absence of any glorification of mercy (in my opinion the film should be addressed to the viewer over the age of 18, not 15). In summary, "The Punisher" is a film composed tribute to violence.

The main character is not positive, his opponents as well.

In this respect, can receive various reviews and opinions. However, I would rate it as an adaptation. This film is a very good adaptation. .