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"Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)" was touted as a film for the faint of heart.
It has been suggested that the previous part was just a preview of what's coming. The question is whether the promises fulfilled? And here there is a difficulty. Because the answer should be yes and no. Yes, because we have a wonderful scene with a hammer, and a scatological scene that is sure to shake up many a weak stomach. There will be more dramatic birth. This part is certainly braver than the previous one. But on the other hand, not because it is too little as enough of promises. I assure you that everyone normally placed man familiar with the aesthetics of gore will not have major problems with the alleged assimilation of the macabre. The story in the second part is really irrelevant. Therefore, it makes no sense rather gloat over her errors. These could multiply here. They are not relevant and this will happen every attentive spectator at the end of the session, when we will find out what they really saw. Acting rather not knock anyone on his knees outside the main role. Laurence R. Harvey who plays Martin, an obese retarded midget, delighted the first part of "The Human Centipede (First Sequence)". Physiognomy actor makes him the strongest element of the film. It is a form ideally suited to play a sleazy pervert, pedophile or wykolejeńca. To be honest, if not for him, the film would lose some seventy percent of its value.
The world presented in the film is dirty, dingy and populated by misguided people. Black and white tones enhanced by slightly more paranoid atmosphere of the movie.

Legend live forever
Psychedelic background music goes well with the image. Alienation main character is well shown in his inner world has its dark and dirty aftertaste. In summary, the film has its own atmosphere and choice of technology black-and-white count should be a plus, because it does not give the impression of undue manners and reasons of savings is extremely idea struck. In addition, there are at least three great scenes of gore. But the biggest advantage of the film is the character of Martin. One-man band. In my opinion it would be even tastier if the director wanted to go a little bit towards the German Expressionists and play chiaroscuro. Personally, I do not like this type of productions, but I appreciate these advantages.
Mad Money
It is certainly this type of production, which will have as many supporters as opponents. If, as it was classified - besides the horror - this is a drama, it only shows the drama of Martin, the film torturers dreamer.
For me, it was he who held me back from the scroll action forward. The way he licks his fingers, makes you able to hair on end just thinking that this type could even get close to your children.
And if someone wants to see a really thrilling and shocking movie, try this "A Serbian Film". In the case of "Human centipedes and" promises fell too much, as in our parliament, for the most part without cover. .